Connie’s Story – Treatment of recovering from limp

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Recovering from limp, we’re looking back at the patient story of Connie, who wasn’t recovering from a limp and was referred for specialist hydrotherapy treatment at CS Hydro Physio. Connie is now enjoying the pool just after four sessions, Connie’s mum Elaine shares her story.

By Connie’s mum, Elaine T

Connie is a Dalmatian and I was recommended to visit CS Hydro Physio due to Connie not recovering from limp.  At the initial consultation, Caroline was able to pinpoint the problem and decided that a short course of treatment would help. Connie was reluctant to enter the pool at first, but with Caroline’s calm and gentle persuasion, she was soon enjoying her time in the pool. After only four sessions, Connie is now back to her usual self. I would have no hesitation in recommending CS Hydro Physio, not only for the benefits of hydrotherapy but, more importantly, for Caroline’s empathy, knowledge and professionalism.’

Veterinary Physiotherapist, Caroline said:

recovering from limp

“When Connie arrived at CS Hydro Physio she was suffering from a bad limp. Hydrotherapy treatment was the ideas treatment for Connie, whom made a good recovery.

The buoyancy of the water makes walking on the treadmill or swimming across the pool a zero-impact exercise, which means Connie could exercise without causing further damage. Connie is a beautiful Dalmatian and I’m so pleased to see enjoying running around again with no pain.”

How does Hydrotherapy for limp recovery?

Hydrotherapy for Canine limp recovery as the name implies, is the use of water for treatment. Two types of hydrotherapy exist: an underwater treadmill, where the dog benefits from the water’s resistance to walk on a moving belt beneath the water’s surface, and deep-end immersion, where the dog freely moves his or her legs to swim either in place or across the pool with the help of a therapist.  This form of exercise has countless benefits for dogs suffering painful joint or muscle conditions.

The pools at CS Hydro Physio are generally heated to 90 – 100F and the warm water helps loosen stiff muscles and reduce joint inflammation. The buoyancy of the water makes walking on the treadmill or swimming across the pool a zero-impact exercise, which means the dog can stretch out stiff muscles without the accompanying pain associated with bearing weight on the affected limbs.

The resistance of the water helps strengthen and build muscles to support the surrounding joints, as well. Exercising in water can promote weight loss faster than dry-land activities, which can also ultimately benefit an arthritic dog. As weight loss occurs, less impact is placed on affected joints which leads to decreased pain.

In some instances, the dog is fitted in a special life vest or harness while a handler helps the dog move across the pool. Specially designed exercises will be performed that are specific to your dog’s condition. The hydrotherapy therapist will also be able to locate areas of swelling on your dog’s body and help flush the inflammation away with the help of the water.

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