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CS Hydro-Physio Has Two Clinics, One In Theale And One In Tilehurst. Which Is Your Preferred Treatment Clinic?
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Please Follow This Link and Carefully Read and Agree To The CS Hydro-physio Ltd terms and Conditions for Treatment.

Please Read Carefully and Agree To The CS Hydro-physio Ltd terms and Conditions for Treatment as linked above.
Nuts in Clinic - We occasionally use dog safe peanut butter in our clinics for some dogs. Do you or anyone in your household/immediate circle have a nut allergy that we need to be aware of?
History of Seizures - We use a dog safe muscle and joint relief gel on some dogs in clinic. This product contains Wintergreen which has been linked to seizures in some cases. Do you, your dog(s) or anyone in your immediate circle have any seizure disorders that we need to be aware of?
At CS Hydro-physio, we take pride in the quality of service and care we deliver, as well as the achievements of our dogs. We occasionally share these accomplishments on social media platforms, emails, and our website. CS Hydro-physio reserves the right to use video footage and take photographs during sessions for promotional purposes. Please indicate your authorization for each media platform you are comfortable with.
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