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Pain Relief & Accelerated Healing

Strength & Muscle Building

Strength & Muscle Building

About Us

Welcome to CS Hydro Physio, where we have had the pleasure of supporting hundreds of dogs over the past 20 years. Our mission is to provide exceptional care for every dog we treat, focusing on increasing mobility, restoring function, promoting healing, building muscle, and reducing pain. By integrating hydrotherapy, physiotherapy, and advanced pain management techniques such as laser therapy, we provide the best possible treatment specifically tailored to your dog’s needs. Whether recovering from injury, managing age-related changes, or suffering from muscular weakness, we can provide skilled treatment to enhance your dog’s well-being.

Why Choose Us?

At CS Hydro Physio, we pride ourselves on our comprehensive approach to canine therapy. Unlike a standard hydrotherapy clinic offering singular services, we combine hydrotherapy with therapeutic techniques and a high level of expertise to achieve the highest quality of care for your dog. We treat holistically, looking at your dogs as a whole, rather than focusing solely on a specific injury or ailment. As part of our CS Hydro family, we aim to support you and your dog throughout the rest of their life, helping you monitor their ongoing health, preventing further injury, reducing the rate at which they age, and giving you the most time with your dog.

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