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Dog Hydrotherapy Near Me

Dog Hydrotherapy Near Me by CS Hydro Physio provides was established over 15 years ago provide a state of the art Canine Rehabilitation and Physical Therapy referral centre. We have since expanded to meet the demand of referrals. Providing outstanding Dog Hydrotherapy in Reading, Berkshire.
dog hydrotherapy near me

Dog Hydrotherapy Near Me

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Dog Hydrotherapy Near Me Services Overview

Dog Hydrotherapy Near Me by CS Hydro Physio provides Dog Hydrotherapy in Reading, Berkshire.

Through the dedication of our clinicians and extended patient care team we can treat a variety of clinical conditions. There are many reasons to why regular treatment is needed. Above all, it keeps your dog healthy. Some of which are performed routinely and some of which that require more bespoke intervention.

Dog Hydrotherapy Near Me
CS Hydro Physio sets new standards in hydrotherapy.
CS Hydro Physio specialise in canine hydrotherapy, using a pool and underwater treadmill as a vital part of treatment programmes. It provides partial weight bearing exercise which allows a more comfortable environment for treatment, as it reduces the stress on damaged tissues and joints.
Hydrotherapy is a vital stepping stone to enhance the recovery and start the rehabilitation process sooner.
CS Hydro Physio sets new standards in Veterinary Physiotherapy.
CS Hydro Physio are highly trained to assess and treat a wide range of pathologies and are specialists in tailoring physiotherapy treatment programmes for canines.
Canines respond well to Physiotherapy and it could be used following a trauma, injury, recent surgery.

Patient Stories

Dog hydrotherapy near me patient stories give an insight to some of our patients and their journey while having treatment at CS Hydro Physio.

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Dog Hydrotherapy Near

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