January Joys – Birthday Celebrations, New Clinic Reveals & How Heat Helps Heal Hounds

Our wonderful CS auntie Kim doing some of her own hydrotherapy in the Philippines.

January 24 has certainly been an interesting and challenging month for the CS Hydro aunties. With the Tilehurst treadmill out-of-action as the water dropped to a chilly 15 degrees, the pool ramp at our Theale clinic on the move, staff holidays and sickness  🙈

Our brilliant CSHP auntie Kim went on her long-awaited honeymoon to the stunning Philippines, we hope she had a fantastic time. We CS aunties, the dogs and the owners have all missed you. Hurry up and come back Auntie Kim, we love you 🥰

🥳 Happy 14th Birthday Cadbury 🥳

January 24, saw our gorgeous Cadbury turn 14 years young.

CS Hydrotherapy as it was originally known, first saw Cadbury when she was only a 7-month-old puppy, being referred for severe hip dysplasia. Little did they know we would see Cadbury through her life.

Over the years, we have seen many changes in Cadbury, watching and supporting her as she aged gracefully, but never losing her mad as a box of frogs character.

2023 was the first time Cadbury need additional help, requiring her first need for medication, even then it wasn’t her hips.

Thank you Cadbury for giving us the opportunity, privilege, and honour to be a part of your life journey.

Here to many years to come Cadbury ❤️ 

Introducing Our 'New' Theale Hydro-Physio & Rehabilitation Clinic... 

A little over a year ago, CS Hydro-physio Ltd decided to open a second clinic so that we could expand the availability and services offered to our fantastic clients. Though we have had this clinic up and running for nearly a year, it’s come to our attention that some of you may not know much or anything about it.

Located just outside of Theale near the Fox and Hound’s pub, our new clinic is bright and airy, with a larger hydrotherapy pool perfect for some of our biggest four-legged friends, an underwater treadmill, a comfortable waiting area, physiotherapy and LASER therapy room and gait analysis mat. 

In 2024, we will be rolling out some new services made possible by this fantastic space to ensure we are always providing the best care for your amazing pets. These services will include:

  • Gait analysis and assessment
  • Canine ‘MOT’s’
  • Fitness swims
  • Class 4 Laser Therapy – amazing for helping with pain relief, wound healing, arthritis, nerve conditions, and more

Interested in checking out our new clinic? Feel free to message us or email to book a session today 🥰

Did You know?

If you’ve visited us at CS Hydro-physio recently, you may have heard us recommending different ways to keep your dog warm this winter– like coats, warm towels, or our fantastic muscle rub which you can pick-up in clinic. But do you know why heat is such a powerful tool for improving canine health and comfort?

  1. Increases Blood Flow Heat dilates blood vessels, bringing oxygenated blood to aid muscle healing and post exercise recovery
  2. Relaxes MusclesWarmth diminishes spasms allowing tight muscles to stretch more easily.
  3. Increases Mobility By reducing tightness, heat enables greater joint range of motion and therefore a better quality gait. 
  4. Reduces PainHeat can help block pain signals sent to the brain.
  5. Improves Flexibility Muscles and tissues can stretch further without pain/spasm, helping dogs meet some of their their physiotherapy goals.

It’s no wonder our hydrotherapy pool and treadmill are kept so lovely and warm!

Look out for our February newsletter for more facts like this and to find out more about CS Hydrotherapy and our amazing team.

Yours truly,

The CS Hydro Aunties

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